The future of Team collaboration

qTeams. Secure. Cross platform.

We believe that the future of the modern Internet is decentralized. It offers less bottlenecks, more security & protection for intellectual property. Using modern technologies like HTTPS 3.0 with TLS 1.3 & Blockchain, makes not only real time communication amazingly fast, but also secure.

qTeams not only runs flawless on any modern Web Browser, as Desktop App on any OS, Android and on iOS. It runs either as your private Cloud, on Premise in your Rack or as hybrid option. Furthermore it allows you to invite external collaborators, both qTeams Users and Guests.


Secure Rich Communication Suite

Manage Teams, Groups, Private & Public Channels. Invite. Meet. Work.

Share documents, links, media, tasks, make video calls, start a webmeeting, with your Team mates, in a small group or just with a single person. Invite external partners to collaborate in real time with you. But secure & amazing fast.


Integration into your existing IT landscape

Whether you are a Startup or an Enterprise. Plugins makes your life easy.

Manage Plugins for Integrations globaly for all, or just for groups or teams. From Outlook Plugin, qShare Plugin to GitHub or GitLab, or ERP/CRM or whatever. And beside a Slack import, you can bind your AD/LDAP User Directory or any other oAuth Service to manage your users as before.


qWebMeet & qTeamMeet included

No need for an additional external Webmeeting or Conferencing Solution.

Its built right into qTeams. And its best, nobody needs to download any plugin to attend your Webmeetings. Or Webinars. More save. More faster. Less Bottlenecks. All you need is a Web Browser.

But there is more. In fact everything you need. Now and tomorrow.

Let`s sum up some nice and important neat features. All very well thought out.

Math & Draw

Drag & Drop a Picture, anotate & send. Enter your Formula in Latex.

Rich Media Chat

Drag & Drop multiple Picture, Media and Documents. With Preview.

Enable Preview

You suggested a feature? Test it before it becomes publicly available.

Sending preferences

Whenever you like hit enter to send. Or clicking the Icon. Choose in your settings

Share any document instantly

Your work mates can preview it before download. Or edit it on qShare.

Security re-defined

HTTP3.0 Standards with TLS 1.3. But we can harden it more, if needed.

Built-in Audio & Video Calling

Make instant encrypted Audio & Video Calls. One to One.

Share your Desktop or Application

Share your Desktop(s) or Application Windows to Team Mates or Guests.

Start a Webmeeting or Webinar

Create instantly a Webmeeting or Video conference within any Channel.

Find what you are looking for

Intelligent amazing fast search. Also for attachments.

Flag a message

Mark important Messages as todo or later use. And find it with a click.

Pin it to Channel

Pin an inportant Message or Thread to a Channel for everyone.

Outlook Plugin Integration

Send Mail or marked Content to qTeams.

IMAP Integration

Send Mail or marked Content to qTeams. Or email back from Chat

Create reminders & tasks

Using shortcode or Wizzard to set reminders. For you or anybody else